The Learning and Performance Institute has just released the executive summary of its annual Learning Survey.

As it is a summary I have not (yet) been able to get into the detail in full. However, there are some eye-catching stats that are worth a mention.

In particular, L&D professionals believe that classroom-based learning is the most effective form of learning.

It was ranked highest for knowledge transfer, skills development, satisfaction/enjoyment and likelihood of completing the course.

E-learning and live online learning fell way behind classroom-based learning as measured on the criteria mentioned above.

The popularity of classroom-based learning amongst L&D professioanls may not be surprising as 85% of respondents said they held a qualification in classroom-based training as opposed to 20% who hold a qualification in e-learning and 14% in live online learning.

Survey respondents said they were keen to gain more skills in live online learning with 48% saying they would consider taking a qualification.

In summary, the report says: “The overall conclusion, based on the scores for classroom, elearning and live online learning, is that L&D professionals have bought into the cost benefits and flexibility of technology-based methods, but still reject the notion that they are more effective than the classroom.”

There were 540 responses to the Learning Survey 2012. Respondents either work directly in L&D or have responsibility for L&D activitites. Of theses respondents, 48% are in management or senior management roles.