Last year the CIPD produced a report on E-learning – Focus on E-learning – which was released at the HR Software Show.

At this year’s HRD, L&D advisor to the CIPD, John McGurk, published a report, entitled From e-learning to ‘gameful’ employment, which took a more in-depth look at the stats from the Focus on learning report (620 L&D professionals were surveyed).

The report looks at the adoption of what it calls ‘adjacent’ technologies – technologies that have emerged at different points in time and that work alongside existing technologies to help deliver a step change in how L&D delivers learning.

However, adoption of these technologies by L&D has been low:

The survey also broke down these stats in the following way:

Use of webinars and online learning environments

Use of social media like Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin to support learning

Use of mobile learning