This list is work in progress but I thought I would share. Our work with clients looks at content and conversation around that because we see them as the main ingredients of communication.

Added to this, we believe that social media tools can transform organisations rather than just being seen as new ‘communication channels’.

We have produced these questions to provoke some thinking about how social tools could transform the organization. The first point may seem odd but if you don’t believe someone has something to offer they probably won’t feel that themselves and therefore won’t start sharing when their manager tells them there is a new chat function on the intranet.

This is work in progress . . . hope it makes sense!

  1. Do you believe everyone in your organization has something to offer?
  2. Does business growth come from talking to clients?
  3. Does business growth come from employees talking to each other?
  4. Does confidence to influence internally lead to confidence to communicate effectively externally?
  5. How much of a disconnect is there between what you said in the interview about your comms and openness versus the reality?
  6. How many of your successes are shared?
  7. How important is internal comms to you and your organization?
  8. How confident are you that you are getting the best creative releases from your employees?
  9. What impact does internal comms have on extyernal comms?
  10. What is the impact of internal comms on revenue?