As the hashtag for the Positive Psychology in Application conference was hijacked by spammers I thought it would be useful to use Storify to provide highlights from the event.

In the time it has taken me to put this together, David Goddin has  already produced a Storify for the event. Go take a look at that and if you fanct more then take a look at mine too!

Positive Psychology in Application

The Positive Psychology in Application conference took place in London on Friday 17 August 2012. Around 25 participants joined event organiser Sukh Pabial in a morning discussion on the the application of Positive Psychology for individuals and organisations. Here is an edited version of events.

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In the build up to the event, organiser Sukh Pabial shared this video about the day . . .
Positive Psychology in Applicationsukhvinderpabial
And then the day arrived! And so Sukh took us on a journey into positive psychology . . .
#ppia delegates arriving Couzins
What a lovely vibe here at #ppia ! @sukhpabial starts us off… Goddin
Positive psychology – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Positive psychology is a recent branch of psychology whose purpose was summed up in 1998 by Martin …
Positive psychology is not positive thinking #ppiaMartin Couzins
What’s the difference between positive thinking and positive psychology?An Audioboo by martincouzins
Martin Seligman identfies emotion, flow and meaning as core to positive psychology #ppiaMartin Couzins
Martin Seligman – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaMartin E. P. "Marty" Seligman (born August 12, 1942) is an American psychologist, educator, and author of self-help books. His theory of …
Seligman’s definition of Authentic Happiness &concept of everything coming together in ‘flow’. I’m grateful that I have a lot of this! #ppiaIan Pettigrew
#ppia @sukhpabial Sukh sharing the personal benefit he got from the 3 good things activity. Enjoyed articulating his story on twitter.Barbara Thompson
Convinced by the #3GoodThings idea thanks to @sukhpabial as of this morning #ppiaEmma Vernon
Our table discussion on positive psychology: dressage, the slums of Uganda and India, music, Jamaica, and dogs. #youhavetobehere #ppiaIan Pettigrew
Talking the gratitude visit #ppia Couzins
The ‘gratitude visit’: going to see somebody who has made a positive difference in your life, and articulating their effect. #ppiaIan Pettigrew
#ppia the gratitude visit >> like! Who has made a difference to you? Why? Tell them… #positivepsychologyAmy King
Enjoying learning about Positive Psychology Interventions – when did you last do a Gratitude Visit (have you ever)? #ppiaKate Griffiths-Lambe
I would like to hear about your Gratitude Visits – please share (DM for my email) and I will collate the stories #ppiaKate Griffiths-Lambe
Haven’t tweeted from Positive Psychology in Application yet – been so involved in conversations! We’re now talking signature strengths #ppiaMartha Wright
‘Positive Deviance’ technique #PPIA – and its fab practical application in the workplace @sukhpabial Thompson
What is your Signature Strength (the thing that permeates through all you do)? #ppiaKate Griffiths-Lambe
Your Signature Strength motivates you and enables you to acknowledge what you are not good at says @sukhpabial #ppiaKate Griffiths-Lambe
@sukhpabial just referenced the Positive Psychology Center #ppiaMartin Couzins
Positive Psychology CenterPositive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. The Positive …
Positive institutions: home, friends, education, work, community, society, ethics #ppiaMartin Couzins
On a lighter note, loving @sukhpabial choice of shirt today! #ppiaPhil Willcox
Positive deviance – – finding behavioural solutions to problems (not technical ones) #ppiaMartin Couzins
Positive deviance – now we’re talking #ppia @sukhpabialKev Wyke
Positive Deviance InitiativePositive Deviance is based on the observation that in every community there are certain individuals or groups whose uncommon behaviors an…
You can’t force Positive Energy but you should make positive use of those who have it #ppiaKate Griffiths-Lambe
#ppia need to understand that bad things do happen – we all have crap days. Can’t positively think your way out of it. Accept and learn.Martha Wright
#ppia my notes on positive psychology so far… Great session with great energy with @sukhpabial #psychology King
@ChatterPenguin @sukhpabial Wish my mindmapped notes were as tidy and readable as thatNiall Gavin
Break time at #ppia Pabial
#ppia Nice perspective @sukhpabial – Sukh says that focusing on what’s going right is also good lever for employee engagement.Barbara Thompson
Sukh looked through some areas where positive psychology can be adopted within the organisation, which I put into this post below. The slides will be available soon . . .
How organisations can adopt positive psychology | itsdevelopmental.comSukh Pabial has just run through some areas of where positive psychology can be used in the workplace at the Positive Psychology in Appli…
Sukh referring to fact that @happyhenry regularly feature in Best Place to work awards. Quite an achievement Henry! #PPIABarbara Thompson
Translating Positive Psychology into the workplace… appreciative inquiry, health & well-being, employee engagement, innovation… #ppiaDavid Goddin
Appreciative inquiry – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaAppreciative Inquiry (sometimes shortened to "AI") is primarily an organizational development method which focuses on increasing what an …
Positive psychology in organisations… IMO the key is in vested interests and in investing in each others interests… thoughts? #ppiaDavid Goddin
We’re into the last hour. Time for another Open Space discussion #ppia Pabial
Dave Goddin was quick out of the blocks with this post about the morning . . .
A Social Learning MasterclassToday I was at the Positive Psychology in Application event (#PPIA) run by Sukh Pabial. Sukh has already shared very generously lots of i…
Those that were free hit the park for a picnic lunch . . .
And also, a lovely picnic in the park afterwards. Great to meet you all #ppia Wright
By the end of the day, David Goddin had also published a Storify (I had started working on this one already so thought I’d carry on too). Here is David’s . . .
Positive Psychology in Application (#ppia)London 17th August 2012 (Created from #ppia twitter stream excluding any links)
There were a lot of happy punters who had made new connections and were keen to put what they had learned into action. Here are just some of the reactions on Twitter. There were far, far more and I’m sorry not to get them all in. Hopefully these give you a flavour of the sentiment from the event.
Officially lost my voice- too many excellent conversations today! especially at the fantastic #PPIANicola Hemmings
Agreed well done Sukh MT @MervynDinnen: Excellent day at #ppia lots of really good ppl all eager to learn and share…well done @sukhpabialGary Franklin
RT @em_vernon: My inaugural #3GoodThings thanks to #ppia 1) Meeting Twitter legends in real life. 2) Inspiring day at #ppia 3) Bonding with my #HR team :-)Seemee Khan
Today’s #3goodthings – 1) #ppia 2) meeting twitter contacts for the first time 3) seafood dinnerMervynDinnen
+1 RT @em_vernon Kudos to @sukhpabial for a superb and inspiring session today #ppia Wouldn’t have missed it for the world :-)David Goddin
excellent conversation with new ppl @em_vernon @nicolahemmings @ChatterPenguin @Laura_B_C1 @marthawright @OD_optimist at #ppia todayGary Franklin
@ChatterPenguin really good day, hope you enjoyed it too 🙂 #ppiaMervynDinnen
And a last word from the man who brought us all together . . .
@dougshaw1 And yes, a very good day indeed. Very pleased with how it all went.Sukhvinder Pabial