Here at Itsdevelopmental we are great believers in the power of social tools to help organisations do things more effectively.

This tends to go against the grain of what many organisations believe – that social tools – social media in particular – will open them up to employees doing things they don’t want them to do. Clearly, you have to deal with inappropriate behavior by employees using social media, but you have to do that anyway in the offline environment.

Rather than focus on why not to do something, try looking at why you should.

Take social tools: the real benefit of enabling colleagues to openly share information is that you can start to discover the things that work. And once you start this you can look at those successes and start to ask about the mechanics of that success – why did that work, how could we do that better next time, and so on.

This can open up innovation and creativity with a focus on what’s possible.

My experience of organisations is that people – for many reasons – tend not to be good at sharing successes (although sales team that exceed targets or land new clients are much celebrated!) that could be of real value to the business.

If we can overcome those barriers to talking about our successes then we can start to talk about what we do well and how we can do things better – surely that is something all businesses aspire to?

[Appreciative Inquiry provides a useful framework for how to look at what you do well as an organization, which is why I have included the video above]