Some readers may have picked up on the fact we have launched a new site called LearnPatch.  As it is up and running it is time to ‘officially’ acknowledge that fact and share our thinking. We’re very excited about the site and although it is early days we are already starting to get some positive feedback.

Having worked in business to business publishing for many years – a few years of which have been in the HR and L&D space –  and been responsible for delivering training and setting up a knowledge sharing event (and co-founding an L&D unconference too), we wanted to create a space to talk about the changing face of learning, especially learning in the workplace.

Our aim is to look at future thinking in learning, rather than focusing only on the here and now.

The sciences such as neuroscience and the cognitive sciences plus social sciences and ‘evolutionary’ sciences are providing new – and potentially game changing – insights into how we learn. Add this to the advances in learning technologies and the huge shifts in how we use technology to communicate and organize ourselves and manage our lives and we see a huge need opening up to stay abreast of all this new information and what it means for practitioners.

We also believe it is important to have a broad perspective on these developments to provide context. This means we are also interested in developments in all areas of life that impact on learning at work – education technology, for example. We also want this to be a global platform – bringing in voices, experiences and innovative thinking from around the world.

We are taking a two-pronged approach to content. First, we aim to create interesting articles, video, audio etc ourselves and second we aim to provide a daily set of curated links from around the web. These will aim to cover – and hopefully help to join the dots between – all the areas outlined above.

We also want to create a space where people can talk about these topics, get excited about them and champion them. How we do that and in what form it takes will emerge.

The first thing we have to do is to keep building and sharing something that is useful and relevant.

If this sounds interesting then please go take a look, sign up tot the weekly email, say hi to us on Facebook and on Twitter.

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As with all projects like this I’d like to say a big thankyou to those whao have listened, helped and encouraged. They include: Roisin Woolnough, Kevin May, Kate Graham, Nigel Paine, William Tincup, Natasha Stallard and Mike Morrison.

Special mention to James at Loopwhole for developing the site and  Ben Marsh for the logo.