If you are interested in reading about the thinkers who have shaped learning then you are in for a treat. Donald Clark is currently in the middle of a blogging marathon in which he will publish 50 posts on learning theorists.

He started on 17 March so there is already a range of posts to get tucked into. Clark has split his list into the following categories:

Clark has a punchy style and each post is crammed with fact and insight. You really do learn a lot from these posts.

But why has he done it? Clark says in his introduction to the series that unlike professionals in most other disciplines, learning practitioners ‘have a sketchy idea of the contributions and theories of their intellectual leaders’.

That’s quite a sweeping statement and, if true, quite a damning comment on what little student L&D practitioners learn about the key learning theorists.

Well, if yours is a sketchy knowledge of learning theorists fear not, this series will enlighten you.

One final thought: despite the fact this is a big undertaking, this kind of blog series is a great way to build returning visitors and to share your expertise and build authority. And it is really useful content.