Bear with me on the title of this post. I led a discussion at the Social Learning conference entitled From learning 2.0 to social learning?

It was a big group and to kick things off I thought I would explain what I thought the discussion was all about. To do this I drew these pictures . . .

I visualised the move from learning 1.0 to 3.0 (left to right) being a move from one way communication (telling/listening) – to two-way communication (conversation/participation/feedback ) and finally a development of this into people learning/sharing/participating from each other with two-way communication with the managers/business/L&D team.

The crude images were enough to frame a discussion and get things going. What then followed was more than an hour of interesting discussion, debate, questions and sharing of thinking and experience.

Most people in the discussion said they were in learning 2.0 phase and were either trying out more 3.0 techniques or were keen to get started. The tools are there and there was a lot of desire in the group to start using social media tools in learning.

Having coming away from the discussion and let it sink in a bit I then drew the final image, which flows on from the three above. It is the one that represents how we have always learned . . .

This is us – colleagues at work, friends, family, professional networks –  constantly learning from each other. This is social learning which takes place all the time and always has done – and it is peer to peer.

This concept presents quite a different set of challenges for organisations, especially if they want to usefully harness what is happening between peers. More getting out of the way than ‘intervening’ maybe.

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