Virtual meetings and their etiquette

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Last week, Mike Morrison hosted the first webinar for the CIPD members Linkedin group – the group Mike created, which now has more than 11,000 members.

It is good to see that Mike is now trying to build on the great engagement amongst members in the group. In this inaugural webinar – Virtual meetings and the etiquette of being onlineDavid Smith from Insynch Training provided attendees with top tips on how to facilitate effective online meetings.

I provided Q&A support, gathering questions from attendees and throwing them at David in the Q&A session directly after the presentation. There were lots of great questions which meant the hour-long session was evenly split between presentations and Q&A.

With more than 100 attendees the event proved popular, which is interesting considering the HR and L&D communities have many opportunities to attend webinars through their professional bodies, trade media brands etc.

Maybe there is an insatiable desire to attend webinars or maybe the topic hit the right note? One thing is for sure, the feedback from attendees demonstrated that online live events are on the agenda for many organisations as a cost-effective way to bring people together and share learning.

It was also interesting to note that many HR and L&D practitioners are still learning about what the technology has to offer. Feedback from the event demonstrated this point, with comments such as:

Useful to be able to see and use the technology to experience an on line meeting.

It was easy to follow with some great tips. I liked the graphic of the meeting table showing the areas you need to consider in a graphical way.


It was also good to see the Twitter stream being used at the same time as the webinar was taking place – on the #cipdlrn hashtag. Managing a Twitter hashtag for a webinar is not easy, especially if you have a hands-on role in the running of the event. Well done Mike and the attendees who participated in the Twitter discussion – this added valuable input into the event and help share learning well beyond the webinar.

It was also good to see some innovative thinking in action. Before the presentation started and David was introduced by Mike, they were chatting and screen sharing to demonstrate the kind of things that could be done in an online meeting.

I liked the way this mirrored the way face to face meetings take place – the first couple of people in the room chat as others arrive. Even in the online environment it felt as if I was joining something active, rather than sitting in silence waiting for a presenter to start talking at me.

So, a good topic and presenter, a bit of innovation at the beginning and lots of Q&A and great feedback. I’d say that was a good start.

Mike is planning similar events so keep an eye on the Linkedin group to see what’s coming next.