I have had a few train journeys recently which have given me the chance to reflect on some of the things I have been working on. To be precise, I judged a category in the Learning and Performance Institute’ s Learning Awards 2013, I attended the elearning Network 25th celebrations and I took part in a team event with a new client.

Out of these three events came a common theme and that was making.

The shortlisted candidates I saw all had great stories to tell (as an aside I hope they get to tell them to peers inside and outside of their organisations). All had made things happen in their organisation. They made new things ie learning interventions, had tried out new ways of doing things and had made things happen.

At the elearning Network event I was fortunate to get to interview Stephen Heppell on how he sees the future of education and corporate learning.

He talked about the maker culture in schools – students who were hacking the system and mashing up resources to learn in a different kind of way. He shared stories of how children were using technology to enhance their learning.

listen to ‘Stephen Heppell on the future of learning technologies’ on Audioboo

And finally I was at an event for a charity that enables people with disability to access and make music. The way the team uses technology to help people make music is incredible. I particularly liked the way the Xbox 360 had been hacked to help people make music by moving their arms.

All three events were very different but they were all about making – doing, creating, trying things out.

It feels like now more than ever is the right time to be making. Technology is opening up so many new possibilities. Those possibilities might not be rooted in the technology alone but mashed up with the old too.

I liked the fact Heppell enjoys sailing his 105 year yacht that also features a pile of hi-tech kit below deck. A good example of mashing new and old.

Happy making . . .