I thought some recent posts from HR directors were worth a mention 🙂

Look at this post on hiring interns from Neil Morrison, group HR director at Random House. It is a look into the thought processes of a senior HR director who is sharing his thinking about a topic which is becoming more pressing for organisations – and HR in particular – and that topic is hiring interns.

It’s a great read and I think it is a great example of why blogging is so valuable. That reason is it helps both the author and the readers to learn. Sharing thinking and sparking discussion is all a part of the learning process. I think this is well summed in Neil’s final paragraph which urges readers to think  more deeply around the topic  . . .

. . . I’m just pointing out that we need to think differently and look at the situation in its entirety rather than focus on a rather simple, populist element. So, next time you see or hear comment on internships and pay, do me a favour and think through what we really need to achieve here and not just what is simplest to get your head around? That way we might collectively go some way to solving the real problem.


And then there is series of Advent posts by Alison Chisnell, group HR director at Informa Business Information. Again, we have an HRD who is facilitating great discussions online. Look at the quality of these posts – a whole range of topics, every one of which is engaging. Read about the series on Alsion’s blog HR Juggler.

And then there is this post on XpertHR’s Employment Intelligence blog on the economic outlook for 2012 which features HR Directors Neil Morrison and Kevin Ball – Kevin blogs at People Matters.

And then there are the other HR professionals who blog:

Jules Jackson at Rambling Southern Monkey

Katie at They’re only humans

Kate Griffiths-Lambeth at Leading Light

Peter Hros at HR Beginner

There must be more than this (?), so sorry if I have missed you. Let me know and I’ll add you to the list!