Dr Nichola Lincoln talked influence at TrainingZone Live 2012. In her session she talked about push and pull styles of influencing and how different styles are used around the world.

I caught up with Nichola and asked her about the influence style of Brits – push the stereotypes to one side here, there are some useful insights.

Brits waffle and tend to focus on what we think rather than what we want. We always want to compare and contrast. We tend to be dispassionate rather than get to the point and say what we want or what we feel.

This contrasts to the Far East where there is more focus on shared goals and common ground. In mainland Europe, people tend to me more direct and quickly get to the point they are trying to make.

Nichola says the best way to influence is to ‘flex your style’ to use a mix of push and pull styles (listening and talking) as appropritae.

Listen to the interview:

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