I like Pecha Kucha presentations – 20 slides timed to change every 15 seconds. You have to tell your story quickly. I did one at Ignite Bristol last year and helped out organising Ignite Bath earlier this year.

I thought it would be good fun to use the concepts of the forthcoming ConnectingHR Unconference – being a socially engaged organisation – to tell a story. So why don’t we all help write a story? A bit of social story writing.

There seem to be quite a few connectingHR peeps on Twitter so am hoping this might catch their eye as a good idea.

It might sound complicated. It isn’t. I have created a shared document which is open to all. In that document are 20 slots which need filling with 45 words.

This should provide enough of a story to share in five minutes, Pecha Kucha style at the unconference on 16 May.

If you fancy helping to write it, then CLICK HERE. And please feel to share. Time is tight . . .