At the end of day two of Learning Without Frontiers I raced back to the Lego Education dome to find . . . that they had started dismantling the fine work of the conference delegates. It was my fault, I had left it right to the end of day two.

For those that missed part one of this blog post, I said I would return to see how building work had developed. Brand manager Simon Thomas kindly gave me an update, which you can see above.

He also said that more images of the delegate creations can be seen on the Lego Education blog and also on the Lego Education Flickr page.

Finally, he asked if I had seen Lego Education president Jakob Kragh give his talk. I hadn’t so Simon filled me in on the success Jakob had had in his session. He provided delegates with a packet of six Lego bricks (pictured) and asked them to make a duck. The result? Lots of different types of ducks.

You don’t need me to explain what was going on here but I thought this sounded like a great way to show difference and indiviuality when provided with just six bricks.

I’m going to give these packets to my children and see what they come up with . . .