A highlight of this year’s CIPD learning and development conference, HRD, was spending some time with the CIPD’s John McGurk. John is responsible for their L&D research.

Looking at their latest survey and picking up on emerging themes in L&D around performance management, cognitive science and technological developments it seems that the role of L&D is going to (or maybe it has started for some) start changing.

This change is based on changes in our understanding of how we learn (cognitive science), the tools we have to learn (technology) and how that fits in with the job we do (performance).

L&D will be experts in all of this and at a strategic level will consult and advise on the best way to do things from a learning perspective.

Then there will be delivery, which will still be required. But will it need to be an in-house function? And what will this look like based on advances in technology and user preferences ie will colleagues prefer much more online live learning versus face-to-face?

John brought this all together in this short interview (below). I liked this quote . . .

The future is bright for the L&D professional if we grasp the nettle of how we integrate technology and the personal, what writer Daniel Pink calls concept and touch. If we offer the right concept about how we can help people to learn and the touch of how people connect with learning then we can add a huge amount of value to organisations  around managing talent.


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It is worth keeping an eye on John’s work at the CIPD. As he says in the interview, he will be building a resource to help guide practitioners through new thinking and its practical applications.