There was a lot of talk about candidate experience at Tru London 5, but how often do you hear of cool tools for candidates? The cool tools tend to be cool recruitment tools for recruiters as candidates tend to go where the jobs are.

Maybe that is changing. In the Tru London track on the perfect jobs board, Alex Deve mentioned Startwire. This service enables the candidate to track what happens after hit ‘apply’. This was an area of conversation around what a job board could provide a candidate in terms of a more valuable experience as most candidates are kept in the dark after they apply for a job.

There is a good article on what Startwire offers the candidate on the Accidental Entrpreneur. Provide Startwire with details of where you have applied and it will monitor updates. The system is private which is clearly critical for the candidate. Startwire also enables you to connect with people in the companies you have applied for and help use networks to aid job hunting.

I haven’t used it but it looks interesting and it is innovation focused on the candidate – something we don’t see that much of.

So, what other cool tools are there for candidates?