I was hoping to do an Ignite Bath presentation last week on why my home town (Bath, UK) needs a hashtag. I didn’t do it so thought I’d share my thinking here.

My point is that there is value in the city having one common hashtag because it is a relatively small city with a lot going on (Bath Digital Festival last week, Bath Comedy Festival this week).

Events in the city have their own hashtags but using a common, city-focused tag as well would help amplify these events across the city. This would help people in the city who are on Twitter see what is going on and would provide a useful view of what’s happening for visitors.

Current Twitter behaviour around ‘tagging’ tweets to Bath seems to involve CCing some of the local Bath profiles such as NowBath and Welovebath. Such as in this tweet:

Wouldn’t it be more effective to use a hashtag common to the whole city that is short and that can be retweeted easily?

#bath is used quite a bit but then it is peppered with bathing related tweets as well.

So, how about using #bathuk . . . it’s short and to the point and would cut out bathroom type tweets.

There you go. Probably would have needed fleshing out as an Ignite talk!