I’ve been in Vancouver for the last couple of days. A part of this trip was to attend the Business Council of British Columbia conference entitled Connecting Jobs and People for an Optimal BC Economy.

I was with here with my client The 21st Century Learning Initiative, whose president, John Abbott, gave a keynote on learning and education and their impact on skills and the economy.

As a part of the keynote, John launched the Responsible Subversives website we have been working on for the past couple of months. We are very proud of the site and hope that it will spark useful discussion for those interested in shaping a better future for next generations.

I won’t go into the detail here (I’m aiming to share how we have changed the sites at some point in the future) but wanted to highlight the new site. At the same time we have upgraded the 21st Century Learning Initiative website and the Born to Learn site.

Well done to David Abbott at Chesapeke for his fantastic work on the sites, Caitlin-Lees Massey for scripting and managing the animation, A Productions in Bristol for producing the animation, Jim Robinson for all his hard work bringing the 21st Century Learning initiative archive to life and John and Anne Abbott and the trustees for letting this happen!