I’m in the company of around 30 corporate L&D professionals at the inaugral Corporate Elearning Consortium and they have just been asked about the challenges they face in making a success of L&D. Four attendees shared their challenges, which make for interesting reading.

1 Coping with huge differences in people, skills, technology
Bigger organisations have a wide range of people, skills and technology. The challenge for L&D teams is to engage users who have access to different types of technology and have very different abilities at using technology.

2 Identifying the business drivers for L&D rather than the tech drivers
Aligning the L&D activity to business drivers rather than aligning it to what technology can do. L&D teams need to understand more the business drivers so that they can react accordingly.

3 Shifting culture away from pushing out learning, to more learner-focused, just in time learning
A big challenge is re-engineering the role of L&D  so that its focus is no longer on pushing out courses and content. The new focus is supporting learners with what they need when they need it.

4 Keeping learning content consistent in a globalised business
Consistency is a big issue, especially when one team might be producing the bulk of the learning content. The  challenge is providing a broader range of content which is consistent across the globe.