In less than I day we (I say ‘we’ because this is about me and 19 other collaborators) created a narrative for the story of a socially engaged business. Amazing.

When I set out the idea I didn’t realise it would come together so quickly, so thanks to all those who helped – see below. You can see the result of our efforts on the Google doc. Now I will turn the text into a Pecha Kucha presentation for next week’s ConnectingHR unconference.

I have been really buzzing at this achievement and most importantly the fact that some free social tools enabled this to happen across geographical boundaries (UK, US, Canada, beach in Barbados) by people who represent different business disciplines such as OD, HR, L&D, recruitment and internal comms.

As such, it really is a story as told by many of the key stakeholders in a business.

My thinking was always to try and make something happen (in this case co-create a story) to show the potential of these tools and demonstrate what people can do collectively. So thanks again for those of you who made it happen.

Now we have the story I am working on the images to go on the slides. More on that soon. In the meantime, many thanks to my fellow collaborators for writing the story of a socially engaged organisation 🙂

  1. Sukh Pabial
  2. Sinead Carville
  3. Robert Weeks
  4. Pam Ross
  5. Rob Jones
  6. Karin Wills
  7. Doug Shaw
  8. Mervyn Dinnen
  9. Alison Chisnell
  10. Gareth Jones
  11. Meg Peppin
  12. Rachel Miller
  13. Sam Lizars
  14. Neil Usher
  15. John Costello
  16. Kevin Ball
  17. Jon Ingham
  18. Niall Gavin
  19. Jon Bartlett