Live event coverage helps amplify your event as it happens, potentially reaching thousands more people who are following the event online.

Here are 10 reasons why you need to get your event covered:

  1. To generate demand: prior to the event create a hashtag and promote the event on Twitter, create a Linkedin Group and start talking to delegates before the event and do the same on Facebook
  2. To create anticipation: start writing about the event on your site or blog – this will help generate interest in the speakers and what they have to say and will provide traffic benefit for your site
  3. To provide a useful service for delegates: on the day share practical content about the event and provide support for delegates using social media
  4. To amplify promote your event as it happens: use social media to share your live coverage and  what you are hearing at the event – there are plenty outside the room who will be following the hashtag. One event we covered reached 37,500 people and there were 35 delegates in the room
  5. To provide a window into your event: the more you share content from the event, the more your event will be noticed. But make sure it is interesting content – pictures are great for giving a good feel for the event but add audio, video and words into the mix
  6. To engage with those outside the room: bring outside conversation into the conference room (in Q&As, for example) on screens using tools such as Twitterfall
  7. To provide extra marketing: brand your blog/site so that speakers and sponsors benefit from the extra eyeballs looking at your event coverage
  8. To show you understand the power of content: as an event organiser you already know that content sells. Now make the most of sharing that content as the event takes place – a wider audience is waiting for it
  9. To market to delegates post-event: use the live blogs, audio and video content to provide a post-event round-up (think email, PDF) and use the content generated at the event to help market your next event
  10. To grow your business: through reporting tools such as Tweetreach, identify who has interacted with your event and event coverage.

Chances are your competitors are not doing this, so you also get a chance to steal a march on them.

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