The Stop Doing Dumb Things unconference has kicked off with a discussion of why delegates are here and what they hope to get out of the day – see image below.

Delegates are now doing a world cafe to help co-create the day’s agenda. Doug Shaw is priming everyone with questions and they are jotttting down thoughts on paper tablecloths. First question: what are the big issues around engagement?

There is some great discussion (which you can listen to a snippet of here):
Sound of discussion at Stop Doing Dumb Things (mp3)

Some of the thoughts on this issue from the Twitter stream

And at the end of the first discussion each table was asked to shout out words that featured in their discussion. Here they are:

At the back wall Tim Casswell and his colleague Laura are drawing and painting the day as it unfolds.

Plus we have the Twitter wall featuring all the tweets from the event hashtag #sddt.

About the process
One of the delegates just asked a question about the process of this unconference ie what happens with the discussion. This is what happens next: World cafe discussion followed by delegates shouting out words that struck a chord. Then the next step is to decide what delegates would like to do about the dicussion – that means identifying which conversations are worth taking to a deeper level – and for delegates, to volunteer to facilitate those discussions later in the day.