The Apple iPad 2 launches today which made me think about how much mobile innovation has or has not been going on in B2B publishing.

Seems to me that nothing much has happened apart from sites being optimised for mobile (which is important, clearly) and apps being launched that provide content feeds or services very closely related to feeds of content. 

Looks like the progression goes – put print content online, put online content on an app. So where is the game changing innovation in B2B to match the game changing innovation in technology?

I'm ever so slightly playing devil's advocate here but on a serious note for the last couple of years I have heard people talk about building for mobile first and then scaling on to desktop (if that is required).

If you have worked in B2B publishing you will know the types of sevices that could work well on mobile devices. These services would look quite different to article rich web site content, which is the problem for publishers with a print mindset/legacy.

It is a tough one for publishers, but just because we choose to think readers do not have a sense of humour so we tend to think they do not use mobiles.