Excellent presentation on gamification – using game design in non-gaming contexts – from Sebastian Deterding a German UX designer and researcher.

In the presentation, Deterding points to some online services that are using gamification:

Mint – a way to manage your finances

Nike Plus – a way to get you running more

Nissan Leaf driving challenge – a challenge for drivers to drive more efficiently

Play Nice.ly – a game for debugging code

Health Month – set yourself targets to get healthier (over a month)

Club Psych – game based on a hit TV series

Barcode Hero – a shopping game

He also talks through the three big challenges for getting gamification right:

  1. Creating meaning – connecting with users' passions, interests, goals
  2. Enabling mastery – how to let the user gets the sense of progressing
  3. Providing autonomy – how to create a sense of freedom and letting users feel curious

It is a great presentation and well worth 50 mins of your time.

[H/T the Usable Learning Blog]