Here is my presentation that I made to yesterday’s elearning network event in Bristol. It was a Pecha Kucha presentation so I provided an analysis as the slides changed automatically.

The thrust of the presentation is that business related/work events, especially more traditional ones, should add more social elements that will enable delgates to participate more and therefore learn more. This participation will probably be more fun for the delegates and will allow more connections to be made.

The presentation was inspired by Bill Boorman’s Tru events and by my post on the differences between conferences and unconferences.

Social media oils the wheels of this participation and engagement (and drives it) through giving us the ability to self-select events we would like to go to and people we would like to follow so that you are already engaged with events and fellow delegates when you arrive.

Mobile devices and social media tools enable content creation from delegates, which adds to the buzz and learning for those at the event and those in the Twitter stream.

My final word on this:

Learning is social. Learning is fun. Let’s do events differently.

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