This week I'm going to the TruLondon recruiting unconference. I went last year (that's one of my pictures from last year's event) and really enjoyed it – see my post on XpertHR.

This year I am going back in a freelance capacity to help out Lesanto and the blog squad ie I will be producing content from the event. I'll also be listening in to the different tracks and look forward to meeting some interesting people in the recruitment, HR and social media world.

To find out more on this week's event, look at:

The TruLondon schedule

What is an unconference?

And follow the week's activities on Twitter on the #trulondon hashtag

No doubt the event will be a great success which is why I think organisations should consider adopting this type of format for knowledge sharing and helping build connections internally. Why do I think this?

Take a look at the points I made about what I felt made last year's Trulondon so eye-catching . . .

Boil these points down and you get . . .

So, do learning events at your organisation provide all these elements in one event? I could see the unconference approach working in larger businesses that have subject specialists and teams that do not regularly share what they are up to.

On a basic level, organisations have the specialists, the content (ie what they do/are working on/managment information) and the need to share information effectively. An unconference can enable that – and help connect people in a more powerful and meaningful way.