UPDATE: And here is the local TV coverage.

Follow the #BathTwitrip hashtag today (stream embedded beow) and you will see the journey of these people . . .


. . . spend a day visiting places in Bath based on recommendations from Twitter.

This is crowdsourcing in action -organised by Visit Bath and digital agency the Electric Suitcase. Scroll down the hashtag and you will see endless recommendations of where to go and what to do. This in iteslf is a great resource – maybe someone will mine it and re-present the data in a more useful way after the event?

This is a great example of how Twitter can help. Use the same crowdsourcing principles and this could work in a number of different situations. It is particularly powerful for location-based sharing ie where is good for this etc.

However, could also be good for events and for organisations that need to build content around how things are done within a business etc.

What makes this engaging is the fact we have a team of people acting on the recommendations so we get feedback and conversation around the sharing. The team is keeping the conversation flowing. It’s a time like this businesses need to be on Twitter to join in – and good to see there are some doing this in Bath.

Well done all – am enjoying following it and finding out new places to go to and things to see and do.