Here is a round-up of content (so far – we are not a full day in yet) from the #truboston recruitment unconference. Keep an eye on the event live blog, which is being run by Max Heywood.

Pre-event posts
Google+ For Recruiters #TruBoston #SocialRecruiting
Radical Events — The #TRUBoston Preview
#truboston: the time difference

The Future of Recruitment: Live Blog from truBoston

A summary of The Real Unconference #TRUBoston
True, it’s the #TRUBoston Review – @radicalrecruit
Un-notes From #truBoston
Tweetreach report for #truboston
The magic of a roundtable
3 Social Recruiting Insights from #TRUBoston
Hoe zet je sociale media in voor werving?
And the English translation – How do you use social media for recruitment?
#truBoston Recap and Social Recruiting Resources

What to expect from #truBoston
The future of recruiting
What Came First? Your Candidate or their Consumer
Secret Sourcing Skinny from the Radical One
What I learned at #truBoston
Secret Track! UPS Case Study
Internships, Employability and Careers Services track
Radical Report #ILSHRM11 #TRUBoston #RadicalPlanet
#truBoston – Social Recruiting Candidate Sourcing Using Twitter, Foursquare, and Empire Avenue
#truBoston – Future For Recruiting Part 2 | Social Content for Job Candidates
#truBoston – Future For Recruiting Part 3 | Correlation Between Social Recruiting and Job Candidates
#truBoston – Future For Recruiting Part 4 | What Gets Good Job Candidates in the Door?

Day one pictures
from @recruiterblog

#truBoston dragon slaying