Tru Stockholm is taking place on 9 and 10th March at the offices in Stockholm, Sweden. Here is a round-up of the content realted to the event. I'll add new posts to the bottom of the lists as and when I find them.

I created a blog for the event on posterous and will include some of the links to that in this list.

Swedish Metro reports on the unconference

Andy Headworth rounds-up day one – Day one from the #Trustockholm recruiting unconference.

My view on day one – Learning together at #trustockholm

Photos from day one from Social Honesty in their Facebook album

Jorgen Sundberg gives his slant on day one  (as a Swede now living outside of the country) – Social recruitment at #trustockholm

My post on humanising the sourcing/application process – Time to humanise the application process

My post: The global recruitment challenge for Sweden

Article on Internetworld (Sweden) – I have translated the page using Google Translate – How to recruit you in to social media

Andy Headworth does a great job summing up day two and the whole falvour of the event (check out the picture captions) – Day 2 and my overall thoughts on #trustockholm social recruiting unconference

Stefan Liden provides his thoughts on Tru Stockholm – read the article in Swedish – and  here is the Google Translate version – How will social media change the recruiting landscape and the way we look for a job

My post for UK Recruiter – The Swedish Recruitment challenge

Bill Boorman on why job seekers will always go to a job board first – Why jobseekers will always use job boards first #trustockholm

Mattias Gronborg explains why he attended the unconference and what he got out of Tru Stockholm – Unconference #Trustockholm


Stefan Rizvi reflecting on #trustockholm Swedish recruitment challenges

Rob van Elberg talks relocation recruitment

Torgil Lenning on the need for Swedish recruiters, HR and candidates to embrace HR 

Jorgen Sundberg reflects on day one of #trustockholm

Gordon Lokenberg talks recruiting and augmented reality

Ralph Sijl gives his thoughts on #trustockholm


Thanks to some great snappers at the event (I am not including myself, by the way!):

Great set of pictures from Oscar Mager

220 (yes, you read that correctly) great pictures from Sara Headworth

My pictures of getting there and setting up

And some of my pictures of day one

Oscar Mager has produced a great Animoto of his pictures from Tru Stockholm


Guess who is the monster – video by Oscar Mager

Also by Oscar – video of augmented reality Pacman – which Gordon Lokenberg demonstrated to kick off Tru Stockholm

Fron the content track – delegates describe Tru Stockholm in one word