It’s a rhetorical question. While at the Tru Dublin recruitment unconference I have been listening to discussions on why corporates need to change the way they talk about what it is like to work in their organisation.

It’s quite basic: corporates spend a lot of money producing on-brand content about careers. And not many people look at it. The focus is on the company message and not the needs of the user – ie the candidtae.

Max Heywood, who has had senior roles in employer branding, says it is time for corporates to focus on what he calls ‘personal accounts’ – personal stories of employees that lift the lid on working life and culture in an organisation.

Max says that typically job seekers would only look at a corporate website when they know they have an interview. And at that point they will do research on the main corporate site, not the careers site.

Real srories from real people will engage – corporate puff will not. Potential candidates see right through the corporate message. So why do corporates persist in creating careers sites that look similar and cost a lot of money?  Fear. Fear that real stories will compromise the brand message. Time to get over that, surely.

Listen to Max talk through the concept of personal accounts . . .