Am at the Social Workplace conference this morning. I’m really looking forward to it so much so that I am writing¬† a post at 6.30am on the train on the way into London.

Looks like today’s event will feature HR/internal comms type people who will be looking at how to make the workplace social.

The whole concept of ‘making this happen’ is an odd one. Why? Because you can’t tell people to be social (we are anyway and in any case what does that mean in the context of the workplace?)

No, what is interesting is the role we play in helping make the workplace more social. For the disciplines that form a part of what I’ll call the ‘machinery’ of the business (HR, L&D, internal comms) this won’t mean the traditional delivery of a service or traditional business support. It will mean enabling things to happen, removing barriers to people sharing, communicating and collaborating.

And to this end, these disciplines:

But they:

Just a few morning thoughts – excuse me if they are a bit rambly. I was lucky enough to help create a knowledge sharing event at a corporate – you can read about that here. Looking forward to what the speakers have to say.