I was going to use this story as a part of my content track at Tru Leeds but time didn’t permit it. So, thought I would share my thinking here.

In my #tru tracks I like to introduce ideas on how we can better use content and for Leeds I decided to start with a simple either/or quiz, which I ran on my blog and promoted through the event hashtag.

I created a simple survey using Survey Monkey (free for 100 responses) and embedded it into a blog post. I like either/or quizzes – they work well in audio and video too –¬† because they are fun, quick to answer and they can help paint a picture, which is what I wanted to achieve.

The day before Tru Leeds I took the results – 25 responses – and showed them to an illustrator friend of mine Mark Hackett.

He went off and played around with some ideas and then provided me with these three illustrations from  the survey results.

I really enjoyed talking to Mark about how he came up with the ideas – I just let him get on with it. This is important in repackaging content: let someone else look at what you have and let them interpret what they see. Try it – you will be surprised. The three images represent answers to the survey.

I did this because I wanted to demonstrate there are always ways to repackage content, even quiz results. But it wasn’t going to end with simply having some illustrations so I got a t-shirt printed which Bill then wore for the last afternoon of Tru Leeds.

Bill always wears a range of t-shirts so I thought this would be a good end result for the survey results.

So, there we have it, the anatomy of some event content creation:

  1. A pre-event survey to engage attendees.
  2. Survey results to form a part of the event content – in the track.
  3. A visualisation of the results to provide content in a different form – in this instance a t-shirt.

All of this activity was low cost and fun and shows how much you can get out of one piece of content.

Thanks to Oscar Mager who provided t-shirt inspiration.