Big m Review

The Big M mobile conference took place in Komedia, Bath on Mon 21 March 2011. I attended and did some live blogging and tweeting. There has been lots of great content produced from the event which I have been curating here.


Vodafone Developer’s post on The Big M – The Big M – event update

Doodles from the event by Chris day (aka wordbeard) plus the entire set

Nina Volstad provides her review in Norwegian and here is the Google translation into English

David Simpson’s review of the event – The Big M conference in Bath

Adam Bird provides his review – The Big M went bold and got it so right

Ewan Macleod says: The Big M in Bath: Excellent

My posts:

UX at the Big M mobile conference

Paul Golding’s keynote on future trends in mobile

Raam Thakrar on app distribution and monetisation

Open data discussion at the Big M

Edited tweet stream of Bruce Lawson talking HTML 5

Aral Balkan on ‘Beyond usability on mobile’

Kelvin Gan reviews the event talks – The Big M conference – the talks

Kelvin reviews the event – The Big M conference – a review

Blue Via’s event review – Event report: the Big M

Gicela Morales provides her thoughts – the Big M – #bigmconf

Jack Franklin on why no wi-fi was a good thing – The Big M conference – who needs wifi?

Audio boos

Ewen Macleod on mobile networks and innovation

Raam Thakrar on apps and monetisation



Ewan Macleaod – Please, Mr Operator

Bruce Lawson – Web anywhere: Mobile Optimisation with HTML 5 CSS 3, Javascript

Raam Thakrar – App distribution and monetisation – the only things more important than the lines of code

Paul Golding – Future mobile innovations


Aggreagted and curated content

Summary of tweets from the conference

Links to content, speakers, attendees, presentations and more on the event Lanyard page

Topysy aggregation of the event

The Big M’s aggregation of content – All done . . .



Aggreagted pictures from the event on Flickr