I am a big fan of unconferences and have been lucky to attend some of the recent Tru recruitment unconferences as well as last week’s connectingHR unconference.

I enjoy reading and curating content from these events and in so doing you get a real sense of delegate feedback. You get live feedback through Twitter and the event hashtag – #chru in the case of the connectinghr unconference – and then you get reaction and reflection, again through Twitter but also through blog posts. All this is tied together through the hashtag.

ConnectingHR also has a community platform where delegates are also sharing links and feedback from event.

Reading through feedback and reflection from the connectingHR unconference you can see what a positive experience it was for delegates. It is quite extraordinary how such an event can impact attendees in such a way but it can and does. I think this is particular to the unconference format.

Maybe this impact is greater because HR events tend to involve presentations and delegates being ‘told’ things. But aren’t most business to business events like this? I think so and seeing such great feedback from delegates at connectingHR only serves to remind us (take note conference organisers) that putting delegates and their participation at the heart of the event can make for a very powerful experience.