I’ve been to two events recently which featured songs from delegates. Now, if I hadn’t been at the events I would have thought this idea a bit naff. Not sure why but in my mind it doesn’t seem very conferency.

However, that preconception has been blown away by witnessing songs at the second connectinghr unconference and at TrainingZone Live.

At connectingHR, Doug Shaw sung a song that had been written by fellow delgate Neil Usher (words to song here). Doug wrote the music and performed it for the first time in front of everyone. It was a great bit of pre-conference collaboration and it was all about the people who were there and what they did professioanlly which made it really engaging.

And it was funny, parodied HR – it was entertaining.

A similar thing happened at Training Zone Live when workshop leader sung a dirge about trainers and how training is changing. It also involved the delegates singing the chorus. Again, the song was funny, was all about the delegates’ experience and it was engaging, entertaining and in this case participatory.


Songs change the energy at events. They are fun and entertaining and in my book that means they are well worth considering.