Amazon Jobs – now there's a good idea. What a jobs board could look like  . . . well, I think it is 🙂

Whilst at last week's recruiting unconference Tru London 3 Amazon croppped up in a couple of discuussions. This got me thinking and the result is this post – this is me thinking aloud so apologies if it it is not well formed.

First, Amazon is the leading cloud services provider so it could run all agencies' applicant tracking systems in the cloud. So why don't agencies just hand over that responsibility to the cloud? Amazon has the expertise that could reallly transform what an ATS could do.

And then there is Amazon's understanding and application of data – again something that could transform the quality of applicant data for recruiters and agencies.

It would also bring its product marketing expertise to jobs – imagine what that could look like.

If this is a simplistic view of what an Amazon Jobs could do for agencies then it is because I am not a recruiter. Apologies NOW.

What could really be a game changer is if jobseekers were treated to the Amazon user experience. I am a big fan of the Amazon user experience, I like the way Amazon talks to me, presents me with relevant content and how it uses data on people 'like me' to refer me to things that might be relevant for me.

User generated content and how it is organised and presented is great. It is subtle, targetted and relevant. If I want more I can find it. So, I am a jobseeker (true, actually) and I visit Amazon Jobs. What do I get?

As I said, these are a few thoughts and not well formed. Maybe this type of job board already exists?

The more I think about it the more I think an Amazon Jobs sounds like a good idea.