David Christopher, social media business leader, oracle has just delivered the opening session at the Social Workplace conference.

1 Find the hook – get buy-in. Depending on who you talk to in the biz, the bait will be very different. Work out what that bait is. Same bait for all wont work.
2 Branding and identity. Define what you represent and build up trust in employers around that. Connect, collaborate, innovate are the three pillars of Oracle’s social business. these pillars were crowdsourced from across the business
3 Ambition. Be clear on goals and what you want to achieve. Two at Oracle 1) three year goal – awareness 5 year 22000 people connected across the business
4 Identify your worth. What is the value to the business – what are you achieving eg creating a collaborative working environment. Others david mentioned including overcoming barriers to change, bridging new and traditional forms of communication, creating new connections. david wants to ‘be our own reference’ we sell this stuff.
5 Infrastructure – build substance behind the words. Understand what you actually have to do for the business. Have structure behind the business. At oracle three pots:
1) Knowledge areas – wikis, social bz communities, all questions around social are answered through social not email
2) Initiatives – initiatives to help change mindsets
3) Projects – good for collaboration
6 Comms and marketing – treat it like an external marketing campaign. You have to sell this to the business.
7 Be prepared to change with the times – tech changing all the time and we need to keep up with that change. be prepared to evolve.

David said that Oracle had developed over last few years in the way it talks about social – it talked about web 2 (2008), social media (2009), social media in the workplace (2010) to being social in the workplace (2011).