I know, I know, the #TruLondon4 recruiting unconference hasn’t even started and I am putting together a post that will be an aggregation of what comes out of it.

Such is the way of these events, however, that there is already a lot of #trulondon4-related content out there. So, I am going to start pulling it together here and will continue to do so before, during and after the event. Please let me know if I miss anything.

There will live streaming of the event by platinum sponsor Jobsite and I will be live blogging on the #trulondon live blog that I have created for the event.

The #trulondon Schedule: September 1′st – 2′nd
Tweet cloud of #trulondon on Tuesday 30 August
What to expect from #trulondon
#Trulondon 4 . . . the countdown begins
From #TruLondon 3 to #TruLondon 4 with @billboorman
Are We Really in the Talent Acquisition Business?
Employer Brand Management – It’s About A Lot More Than Recruiting Communications
Google+ Hangouts for Recruiting: introducing #TruHangouts
TruLondon: Make Viral Videos for Recruitment
#Trulondon 4 . . . the countdown begins
#TruLondon… Here she goes again!
The future of social
The rejection business in 15 points
Big data for recruiters
What are the barriers to social recruiting?
Employee loyalty – the virtual track
TRU London – RIDE on . . . and here is the article translated into English
Are Agency Recruiters Lazy?
#trulondon thought number 1; Lazy Recruiters!
#trulondon thought number 2: Small changes. Big differences
Defining talent is critical, says Lauritsen
Are Recruiters Killing LinkedIn? Or is LinkedIn Killing Recruiters?
Jason Lauritsen reflects on #trulondon 4
The TruLondon Debrief – What I Learned About Recruiting
Five blogs inspired by TruLondon
#Tru London: Lumesses certainly enjoyed the #RIDE
Writer’s block – the 4 in1 blog
#TruLondon – An outsider’s (?) perspective

Video Message from Jason Lauritsen – Getting Ready for TruLondon 4
Tru London – Recruitment Unconference September 1st/2nd 2011
So what #trulondon 4 innovations can we expect?
Kevin Wheeler on new data opportunities for recruitment
What does a job board systems architect do? An interview with Jobsite’s Tristan Greaves
Content that has impact – an example from @billboorman
Insights from the #trulondon livestream studio
What is talent?
Is there a future for in-house recruitment?
Employer branding: Master Burnett looks at what employers get wrong
Doug Shaw sings #trulondon
Google + and hangouts for recruiters
TruLondon 2011
Always look on the bright side of life
Bill Boorman wraps up #trulondon 4
Lucian Tarnowski, CEO, BraveNewTalent, talks about the track he led at September 2011’s #truLondon
Employer Branding Video (just for fun)

Live streams
Online profiles and jobseekers using social media pt. 1
Online profiles and jobseekers using social media pt. 2
Online profiles and jobseekers using social media pt. 3
Future of Recruitment Agencies pt. 1
Future of Recruitment Agencies pt. 2
Attracting Passive Candidates
Content is King
Fastest growing recruitment market?
Job boards are dead
Future of jobboards
Talent Communities
Quality of hire

Oscar Mager’s picture stream
Aggreagted Flickr stream
Kevin Wheeler’s photostream
Kevin Wheeler’s Animoto of TruLondon

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