Here is a round-up of content from the Stop Doing Dumb Things unconference. I will curate more content as it is produced. Please let me know if I have missed anything.

Outstanding – Doug Shaw shares feedback on the event
Thank You – Doug Shaw’s pre-event post
The wrap at the Stop Doing Dumb Things unconference – Tim Casswell reviews the drawings from the day
Stop Doing Dumb Things – delegates help visualise the day – delegates shout out ideas, Tim Casswell draws
One attendee’s view of Stop Doing Dumb Things – Lise Moen shares her experiences of her first unconference
What makes great customer engagement? An interview with author, speaker and founder of the Customer Service Training Network Don Hales
Fear and trust in employee engagement – my notes from one of the morning breakout sessions
5 areas of discussion at #sddt – a list of the discussions as created by delegates
The drawings so far at #sddt – Tim Caswell’s drawings taking shape earlier in the day
World Cafe, discussion, drawing at #sddt – a review of the early part of the day
Stop Doing Dumb Things – in pictures – Doug Shaw’s take on the day
In praise of “old ways of working” – Neil Usher’s review of the day

Paper Crown – Lyrics to the song sung by Doug Shaw and penned by Neil Usher
Doug Shaw sings Likeable Lives – the first of two songs sung by Doug with words by Neil Usher
Doug Shaw sings Paper Crown

Some of my images from the day.

TweetReach report of all the tweets and Twitterers from the day
2011 Stop Doing Dumb Things Unconference Tweet Reach Report