Been hearing the statement ‘build it and they will come’ a lot recently and mostly in the context of elearning content.

At the Skillsoft Perspectives event I attended last week, Darren Bezani, learning and development director at publisher LexisNexis told me that the big challenge for elearning was engaging users – simply creating and publishing content and expecting users to access and read it was unrealistic he said.

Business to business publishers had to (and still do) contend with this dilemma as brands moved from print to digital. In fact, it is a challenge for all publishers – whether you are a blogger or a consumer brand.

In B2B, the same print content pushed on the web was not appealing and did not fit into digital consumer behaviours.

It seems like a statement of the obvious, but relying on readership just because you publish something (however important you consider it to be) is a potentially flawed approach.

Just think about the basics – and this is borrowed from the structure of a news story:

Make sure too that the content is well designed (user centred design).

If you are clear on all these points then remember this final point: publishing anything is the start of a conversation so be there to talk about it, promote it and discuss it. This bit takes the time but is key to getting people to click on your content.

That’s why I would expect to see more learning comms jobs – to build engagement around elearning content.

And don’t forget the role of the DJ too.