I’ve always thought that paid for online services would have something to teach news organisations about how to do content marketing now that they are looking to put their content behind paywalls.

The article how paywalls are changing news organizations’ social media strategies
is all about this and raises the issue of managing a reader’s experience of engaging with the brand. The problem is, as a user, that you need to know whether a link needs registration or not.

Accessing news articles from social media, blogs and other sites has become increasingly common, making an unexpected paywall an unpleasant reader experience. Maintaining the happiness of subscribers and non-subscribers alike has fallen on the shoulders of community managers at these paywalled sites.

On XpertHR this is exactly the scenario we overcame in a number of ways.

The one thing that matters here is that editorial and marketing teams work closely on setting out and delivering on the content and social media strategy. This is easier said than done when you consider the different needs of a marketeer and an editorial professional, especially if there are legacy ways of working ie print.

[H/T Paul Bradshaw for the tweet that prompted this post]