Last night I gave a Pecha Kuchua presentation to more than 200 people at Ignite Bristol.

I was a newbie to the event and to the presentation format but having had the experience I am a convert.

There were ten 5-minute presentations covering a diverse set of topics from twins, to contemporary art, robots and beyond.

I learned a lot from the other speakers – there really was a lot of great content to get stuck in to.

It was the format of the event that really worked. Speakers have 5 minutes to share something they care about. And it really is amazing what you can fit in to such a short time. The audienece roots for you – someone described it as being like giving a best man speech – and gives each speaker a tremendous welcome and applause at the end of the talk.

And the speakers are really supportive of each other, providing encouragement and praise.

I slipped up on my first slide but got into it again. I got laughs along the way and a great round of applause at the end. That felt great and more than compensated for the nerves and the slip at the start of the presentation – I’ll share the video with you when it goes on to Youtube.

I’d recommend anyone to attend these events – they are fun, have a great energy and you will learn something. It’s great for getting to grips with public speaking too.

My talk was about designing for behaviour change and how we do that for cycle lanes – I have cycled all my life and constantly wonder at the useless cycle lanes I see painted on streets!


Cycle paths: designed not to be used

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