Here’s my review of the most viewed posts and videos on the itsdevelopmental blog. I have been lucky this year to have covered many events and the aggregated posts I created from many of them appear in the top ten. Pulling together content is of value to people.

I have also included my most viewed videos which feature interviews from the events I have covered. I like the fact the round-up video from Tru Stockholm proved to be so popular. I thought it would be a good idea to capture delegate feedback whilst at the event – this is something I repeated at the other Tru events I covered. Tru disorganiser Bill Boorman also used this content to market future events.

I haven’t had time to include stats from the live blogs I created for the events I covered. I also managed to generate quite a few Audioboos this year and I have linked to the most listened to interview. All the audio interviews have proved to be popular. So, always think of audio – people like it.

Most viewed posts

  1. From Yellow Pages and JR Hartley to Yell and Dave V Lately
  2. Round-up of #TruLondon 4 content
  3. A round-up of coverage from the second connectingHR unconference
  4. Round-up of content from the Stop Doing Dumb Things unconference
  5. Video: #trustockholm delegates describe the unconference in one word
  6. A round-up of Tru Dublin – posts, pictures, video, audio
  7. Brett Minchington on employer branding trends
  8. Tru Stockholm – a round-up of posts and links
  9. What can jobseekers expect from recruitment consultants in 2011?
  10. #truboston – round-up of covertage


Top 10 most watched videos

  1. #TruStockholm delegates describe the unconference in one word
  2. Stephane Le Viet on job postings on Facebook
  3. Is there a future for in-house recruitment?
  4. Personal branding tips from #trulondon
  5. Matt Burney and Lisa Scales talk social media, community and engagement at G4S
  6. Google image search, Facebook facial recognition and recruitment
  7. Huw Davies and Julia Levy on social recruiting at the European Personnel Selection Office
  8. Clive Shepherd on social learning – an impossible dream for L&D?
  9. Steve Evans on how to use Facebook for recruiting
  10. Miiatech pitch at the italent start-up competition

I also did a lot of audio interviews using Audioboo – an app which is great for instant audio publishing. The most listened-to interview featured Laurie Ruettimann at Tru London 3 – the rest of the interviews are on my Audioboo page.

Search and direct referrals are still the biggest traffic drivers for the blog but social media is becoming more significant, as is mobile.