I went to two talks today at Bath Literature Festival – one by Kate Rew on outdoor swimming and one by Zaiba Malik on her memoir of growing up a British Muslim. Both were very interesting talks.

These events are great opportunities for authors to market their content (mostly their latest work) . . .

I enjoyed the talks but did not buy the books. I guess a lot of people turn up who have already read the book and want to hear the author talk about it.

For people like me (potential customers) I would suggest offering a promotional price plus links to the author online. This was not on offer. So, although it is great to attend – the event could have got more from me.Maybe these type of events need an overhaul. I'm not aware of any tweeting from it, a Facebook page etc.

PS The Bath Literature Festival website is a nightmare. books. . . digital . . . you must be joking 😉