Born to Learn from Born to Learn on Vimeo.

About a year ago I saw John Abbott, author of Overschooled but Undereducated, talk about his work. It really chimed for me as I am interested in learning and development in adults and the learning and development of my own children. Added to that, my mum and some of my aunties were teachers and I like delivering training . . . you get the picture, this stuff floats my boat.

Some of the ideas in the book have now been turned into animations. From a content perspective, I think this is a great move. These animations – read more about the ideas – are pulled from ideas in the book.

I have watched just one so far but I thought it had a powerful message about how we as humans like to learn and how that sits with the way we are educated.

When we think of adolescents it maybe useful to remember that their brains are taking them in different directions.

From the age 12 to 20 there is an equivalent of an earthquake in the adolescent brain – it wants to go its own way.

More of the animations from the book can be seen at Born to Learn.