Was thinking back about some of what we achieved at TrainingZone over the last few weeks. TZ has a content theme for each month and in September it was social learning.

Taking the subject – which is close to my heart –  as my prompt we did a couple of things that TZ had not done before. These were:

  1. A series of curated articles on social learning from Jane Hart, who runs the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies. Jane is a leading light on social learning so I was delighted when she agreed to curate. The result was four well received articles, which you can see on site – sign in required.
  2. I thought it would also be a good idea for TZ to walk the talk on social learning so I suggested to Jane that we run a Twitter chat. Again, Jane agreed to do that, so we ran our first Twitter chat on 22 September – more on that in this post.
  3. Finally, I brought some of my event coverage, amplification and curation to TZ with my content from the Learning Live conference. I produced a live blog and then curated a post-event article, which proved popular.

I learned a lot and enjoyed doing some new things with some smart people – I guess you can’t get better than that.