Yesterday saw the launch of the latest professional body for the recruitment industry – the Institute of Recruiters.

After a quick scan online (and with the help of this great list from UKrecruiter) it seems that this now takes the number of such bodies up to 9. There may be more – and please shout if there are.

Association of Graduate Recruiters
Association of Professional Staffing Companies
Association of Executive Search Consultants
Association of Labour Providers
Association of Professional Recruitment Consultants
Association of Recruitment Consultancies
Executive Research Association
Institute of Recruiters
The Recruitment Society

My question is simple: why are there so many? The reason for asking is rooted in this post I wrote earlier in the year in which I laid out what I’d like to see from a recruitment consultant ie how I think they need to improve.

Surely, if the bodies representing the industry were so effective jobseekers would be receiving great service from recruitment consultants already?