Thanks to Steve Bridger for pointing to this article -  5 models of content creation – on the Influential Marketing Blog.

It's an interesting article and timely as curating content seems to be the flavour of the day. Let's face it, we are all filters of content in the way we save and recommend content. This is nothing new.

What struck me about this article is that we are in danger of over-complicating a concept that is pretty straightforward. The article suggests these 5 models of curation:

  1. Aggregation
  2. Distillation
  3. Elevation
  4. Mash-up
  5. Chronology

Maybe it's a semantic debate, but do we need this level of labelling? All 5 'models' are types of filtering.

If you are responsible for curating and curated content you should still be using some of the baiscs of how to present content to interest the reader. So, design and user experience becomes important. You will be distilling and elevating all the time because some content will always be more important, valuable or eye-cathching.

Your data and expertise as curator will tell you if what you are doing is valuable.

Introducing models suggests this is some kind of science, which it isn't. It is all about filtering content for your audience to help them get to what they need to get to. it's quite a simple concept which seems to be sounding rather more complex than it ought to.