Johnny Campbell aka @recruiterblog ran a track at Tru Leeds which looked at how he had used webinars to help a client recruit a new tech team.

This track provided quite a lot of learning for the delegates: just check out how many named the webinars as one of their learning points from Tru Leeds.

Why is this? Webinars are not a new technology and in some ways are not the  most social of technologies – this was a recruiting unconference with a big focus on social media, after all.

Johnny showed us that webinars are great vehicles for pulling in the right sort of people who provide enough details – name, job title, phone, email – to  enable the recruiter to have a good follow-up conversation.

The webinar itself is what attracts the right people. In the case Johnny talked us through his client wanted Java programmers. Not being an IT recruiter or Java expert, Johnny went back to the client and asked the chief technology officer – the hiring manager – to tell him what this community would be interested in. The CTO said agile development was a hot topic so they put together a presentation on this topic.

This was then marketed using email, Linkedin events, Facebook events and Twitter. This pulled in 150 of the right kind of people who signed up to and participated in a half hour webinar on agile development.

At no point in this process was there any mention of jobs. After the event participants were asked to tweet about the event, which they did. This helped share and recommend the webinar, laying the foundations for a future evnt.

Recruiters then called the participants of the webinar – who were the right type of candidates – and started to place them.

The webinar was such a success that the client ran another and is now packaging them as a ‘summer school’ series.

The content of the webinar is made available after the event via a password on Vimeo. Johnny says this helps make the content seem more tailored to those participants and as the webinars have become regular he doesn’t want free content to erode the need for users to sign up to the webinar.

What made the webinar such a success?
There are a few different factors at play.

Overall, a great example of using a simple, engaging and cheap format with the right content to attract the right candidates – and without mentioning jobs.

Johnny runs weekly webinars – which you can check out on his Social Talent site.