Have been in Bristol today at an event for freelance and home-based workers. I have been sat in the office of design agency Deckchair with another seven or eight freelancers – ranging from designers and coders to researchers and marketers.

Jelly Beans

If you would like to know a bit more about Jelly events then listen to the audio below in which – Eli Barbary, the organiser for Bristol events – explains all.

It has been a really interesting day – I've met new people, talked about (and looked at) the projects they are working on and had some interesting conversations. I'm looking forward to coming again.

This really is very different to working in a corporate environment. I particularly like the fact Deckchair is happy to host us (as are other businesses around Bristol).

Here is a bit more on the history of Jelly.

And you find you local jelly here.


[Picture credit: Kayaker1201]